UWC Online Application Process And Requirements

UWC Online application is open and anyone seeking to study at the University of Western Cape can apply. There is a limit to the spaces available so the earlier you apply, the better.

There are so many things you must know about the application before you start filing. In this article, I will explain the application process and everything you must know.

Is UWC Application Open?

UWC applications open between June and ending of October every year. During this period, many applicants apply to the university.

While the application opening and closing dates are set to control the number of applications, certain things could cause the application to close early.

One of those things is available spaces. If within the first few days or weeks of the application sees lots of applicants, it is likely the spaces will full up easily. This means that the rest will not get admission. So the earlier you apply, the more your chances of getting admission.

UWC Online Application Requirements

The best way to check your application requirements is by reading the UWC Prospectus. The prospectus contains more information about the entire application.

Since the application is strictly online, you must prepare a scanned copy of all the supporting documents that you must provide.

The documents required include;

  • Higher educational certificate (Grade 12 or others)
  • Identification card

You will also need an active email address and phone number.

There are more documents you must add depending on what you want to study. Always check the prospectus to be sure.

The email and phone number are very important because that is where UWC will send updates on your application status.

Application is free therefore you won’t have to pay anything.


The UWC online application process is very simple and anyone can easily go through the process.

Before you start the process, make sure you have prepared all your requirements. You will also need an active internet connection to file the application.

You must allocate about one hour for filing the application. During that period, you must read all Terms and Conditions well before accepting them.

If everything is ready, then follow the procedure below to file your application.

  • Go to the application page by typing this URL into your browser. >>> https://student.uwc.ac.za/
  • Click on “New Application” when you get to the page.
  • Your journey to the University of Western Cape starts from there. Make sure you fill the form with the right information since most of the info you provide will be cross-checked with the original.

Note that filing an application after meeting all requirements does not guarantee successful admission. UWC decides who gets admission and who doesn’t base on so many factors.

Check UWC Application Status

Checking your UWC application status is one of the ways to know the progress you are making. Checking UWC online application status is very simple.

  • You just have to go to the application page using this URL. >>>>>> https://student.uwc.ac.za/
  • This time around, click on “Application Status
  • Enter your ID or Passport Number,
  • Provide your application number
  • Enter your email address.
  • Click on submit.

You should receive your application status shortly after that. Apart from that, you will also be getting SMS and emails from the University of Western Cape concerning your application.

If you face any challenges or need help with something, call +27 21 959 3900 / +27 21 959 39001 or send an email to [email protected].

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave a comment.

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