UP Online Application – How To Apply For 2022

The first step to becoming a student at the University of Pretoria is to simply fill your UP online application.

While most people prefer to submit their applications by traditional post mail, online application is still the fastest.

The question is, how do you fill your online application if you don’t know much about the entire UP application system?

Here is everything you must know about the application.

When Does UP Online Application Open?

The application is available on 1 May of every year preceding the year of study. It is available to all interested applicants, not limited to race, color, ethnicity, religion, or nationality.

Since the University expects a number of applications, as soon as the capacity is reached the application window closes. If not, then the application will be available for approximately two to four months depending on what you want to study.

The nationality of the person applying also affects the closing date. For instance, there is a different closing date for South African applicants and there is a separate one for internationals too.

You can always check from the University of Pretoria Website to know when the specific course you are applying to will close.

How To Apply

Since this article targets the online application only, let us take a look at the process to apply online.

Before moving up to quickly fill the form, there are some key things you must put in place before you start your application process.


  • An active email and internet connection are compulsory since you can’t get access to the forms without them. Beside that, you also need some other documents to apply.
  • You must also have a scanned copy of your National ID card or Passport for international applicants.

If you don’t have any degrees yet(New first-year students), then you must select undergraduate when filling the form and make the following documents available.

  • Softcopy of your year-end Grade 11 marks or your final Grade 12 results if you have one.
  • You must also scan your school results which you will upload during the application.

If you doubt which subject you qualify for with your results, you can always use the “What to Study Calculator to check. You will only select your previous qualifications and the system will give you the list of programs available for you. You MUST have exemption / Bachelor’s degree studies to use this system.

check screenshot below
UP online application studies calculator

Note: Being eligible for some programs does not guarantee successful admission.

  • A soft copy of a comprehensive certified academic record is also required.
  • The original documents of all the softcopies you will upload should also be available for verification later on.

All the files you will upload should be converted into a PDF that is readable by any PDF reader. You can use UP’s recommended PDF converter to convert the files.

You might also want to download a full guideline on how to prepare yourself for the application.

If all your documents are ready, you are still not done yet. You still have to check the fees.

UP Online Application Fee

The application fee is waived for certain applicants under certain circumstances. Applicants whose household income is below R150,000 per anum will not pay application fees. But the applicant must upload an income report as proof of payment in STEP 12 of the application.

Note that the University of Pretoria will verify this document for authenticity when processing the application.

If your household income is more than R150,000, the application fee is R300 which is equivalent to USD $30 for the 2022 application.

You have to make your payments through these online payment processors; Master Card, Visa Card, American Express, or Diners Club.

Make sure you have a sufficient balance on your card and the card is valid before you attempt payment.

You can also make payment by electronic money transfer where you can make a direct deposit into the University of Pretoria’s bank account.

You can find the bank details for doing that on their official application fee page.

If you decide to use the electronic money transfer make sure you quote your online application number which UP will email to you as the payment reference.

Make sure you scan your deposit receipts as well because you will have to upload them for verification.

Note: the application fee is not refundable

The Form and UP Online Application Process

If all your documents are ready, then the next step will be to go to the form and start the application. The application is a lengthy process especially if you have not done anything like that before.

Allocate approximately an hour to two hours for the application since you will have to read terms and conditions and all there is to know.

Here is the direct link to the APPLICATION PAGE.

If you are on the right page, you should see a similar application page like the one in the screenshot below. Make sure you take note of the URL.

application page

The process is back and forth. You will be moving from your email inbox to UP’s website every now and then so it will be better if you leave your email open.

Most of the time UP will send something to your email which you will have to make use of in the form. Some examples of such things are the form reference number and a temporary password.

If you are able to understand everything from the top of this page till here, you are about 80% through to completing your application.

Do not forget to click on the VERIFY and APPLY button after completing the form.

How To Track UP Application Status

After application, the next option is to wait. But waiting is not going to be your last option. You have to check things out and track your progress from time to time.

The first thing to do is to check your email since that is where all communications between you and UP will go on.

Inside your email lookout for an email from the University of Pretoria with instructions on how to access your UP Portal to track the application status. I have a full guide on how to access the University of Pretoria Students Portal which you must check out.

In the emails, also lookout for an email containing a temporary student ID Number/EMPLID. This email will arrive in approximately 15 days. The email doesn’t confirm your application is approved so don’t jubilate yet.

The next thing to do is to go to the Students Center in the UP Portal and check the status of your application. This is very important because the majority of communications will be through this medium.

Contact University of Pretoria

If there are queries you want only the experts to answer, you can easily reach the University of Pretoria through the following mediums;

University of Pretoria
cnr Lynnwood Road and Roper Street
South Africa

Postal address
University of Pretoria
Private bag X20
Hatfield 0028
South Africa

General Enquiries[email protected] | Phone Number: 012 420 3111

NSFAS and UP funding related queries[email protected]

Student accounts related queries[email protected]

Payment related queries[email protected]

If you wish to contact specific Faculty or Department, you can always visit the UP Contact page for more detailed contacts.


In short, the application window has a time limit and a threshold. If the threshold fills early, the window closes. The online application is also the most reliable way to apply.

While this page is trying to provide as much information as possible, if there is something that you feel I must touch on, simply leave a comment.

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