How To Check UKZN Application Status

This is how to check your UKZN application status. It is very important to know the right procedure for checking so kindly read this guide.

The University of Kwazulu-Natal is one of the universities in South Africa that don’t have application closing dates for Postgraduates. This means you can apply for postgraduate courses anytime.

Since you must apply before you check your application status, I will go ahead and briefly explain the application process.

The University of Kwazulu-Natal has a two-way application process. Meaning you can apply online or offline(Paper application).

UKZN Application Process

Before you apply, you should make sure you check the UKZN Prospectus to know if everything you want is available. You also must check for the UKZN application requirements.

UKZN Online Application

The online application is only available to Postgraduate applicants. New applicants must use the paper application.

Since this is an online application, your first major requirement should be an active internet connection and email address.

You should also get a scanned copy of the following documents.

  • Your higher education certificates
  • Copy of ID Card or Passport.

If you have all these items ready, simply go to the application page and start filling the form.

Fill all the forms, upload your documents and submit.

Paper application

This is where you submit the application to the university in person or through traditional post mail.

Both Postgraduates and Undergraduates can use this method. Since undergraduates don’t have an online application form, this is their only application process.

  • You must make a copy of your high educational certificate
  • Copy of ID Card or Passport.
  • You will pay an application fee of R210. You must pay this amount into UKZN’s application bank account. Click this link and scroll down the page to see bank details. You will also be able to see this banking information at the bottom of the application form.
  • Add a copy of the banking receipt to your application documents
  • Fill the form accurately and add the documents.
  • Submit the form to the University.

Check UKZN Application Status

Since the focus of my presentation is on UKZN Application status, let’s go into it.

Whether postgraduate or undergraduate, anybody can check their application status online easily. No registration is required.

  • Make sure you select your year of application.
  • Enter your student number if you are a returning student.
  • New applicants must enter their ID card number or passport number.
  • Click on the “Check” button when done.

That is it, you should be able to see your application status after the process.

Another way to know your application status is by checking your email. Any decision made on your application, you will receive a notification in your inbox.

If you have any queries concerning the application, email: [email protected]