UFS Online Application Process And Requirements

UFS online application is a very simple process. On this page, I have everything you must know about the application before filing your application.

For all potential students who wish to study at the University of the Free State, here is a simple guide to help you know about the application process.

When Does UFS Application Open?

The UFS application usually opens between June to late September each year. During this period non-selection programmes, applicants can apply to the University.

For selection programmes, the opening and closing dates are different so you have to check them to know.

Another thing that affects application opening and closing dates is the available space. For every academic year, the University expects a number of applicants to occupy a certain number of spaces.

If the spaces fill up faster, the applications might close early. If there are more spaces after the closing dates, then the application might reopen again for late applicants.

But it is always important for applicants to apply early because that will increase their chances of getting admission.

UFS Online Application Requirements

The best way to know the UFS online application requirements is to read the UFS Prospectus. The brochure contains almost everything you must know about the University of the Free State before application.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the application requirements for UFS.

  • Since this is an online application, it is very important to have an active phone number and email address before application.
  • There are some documents you need and since this is an online application, you must prepare them in softcopies.
  • South African applicants need an SA ID Card and international applicants need Passport.
  • If you are under 18 years, then you must add your parents’ ID or Passport copy
  • If already matriculated, then you must add a copy of your NSC.
  • Final Grade 11 results copy. It must have your school’s stamp on it. For international applicants, provide grade 11 results or any equivalent results.
  • Grade 12 results. It is also important for this one to have your school’s stamp on it. International applicants should also provide higher educational certificates equivalent to Grade 12 results.
  • International applicants must add USAF accreditation documents.

You must always check with your selected course Faculty requirements whether you have all the documents ready.

If everything is ready, then follow the application process below.

Application Process

The application process is very simple and anyone can follow through the process. The UFS Online Application is one of the fastest you can get throughout South Africa.

It is also very responsive so you can apply using your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Follow through and fill the form with all your details. Make sure every information you provide on the form is accurate.
  • After completing the form, read and accept all terms and conditions then submit the form.

After receiving and processing your form, the University of the Free State will send you a Student Number.

Note that this student number does not imply you getting admission. It will only serve as a reference number until a final decision is made on your application by UFS.

How To Check UFS Application Status

Checking your UFS application status is the next thing you must continue doing until you see the final decision on your application.

  • Click on the “Students” tab as indicated in the screenshot below.
UFS Online Application status check step 1
  • Click on “Student Self Service“.
  • After clicking on that, you should get to the Oracle PeopleSoft page. Now login with your Student Number and Password.
  • From there, click on “View Applications“. You should be able to see your UFS application status using the procedure.

If you face any challenge during the application, call +27 51 4019666 or send an email to [email protected].

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