TUT Re-admission Processes And Fees

TUT Re-admission forms are available for inactive applicants to download, fill and submit.

If you applied to TUT, got your TUT Application approved but didn’t follow up, this is your opportunity to take your rightful place.

Following a TUT Application approval, prospective students still have a choice to either register and study or not.

If for some reason a student fails to register or fails to appear for studies after registration, the student can always re-apply. This application process is similar to the normal application but definitely not the same thing.

Since the student already has his/her information at TUT, it will be very easy to file re-admission than a full application.

How To File TUT Re-admission

You can file re-admission in two ways. Either online or by traditional post mail.

If you want to file online, you simply have to go to the TUT ITS Enabler login page. If you have no idea how the ITS Enabler works, you can check this article: TUT ITS Enabler: Get To Know All The Hidden Features.

The login page should look similar to the image below


If you log in successfully, simply fill the Re-admission form and submit it.

If you are going to submit your form by post mail or in person, then you have to download it.

Download the form from this link.

Carefully complete the form and submit it.

Make sure you add a copy of your identity document to the form. Also if you have proves to indicate why you couldn’t study after registration, attach them.

If you want to post, then use the following address.

Tshwane University of Technology 
Private Bag X680
Pretoria 0001 

Below is the address if you would like to deliver the application in person.

Central Admissions Office
Building 21-LG20
Pretoria Campus
Staatsartillerie Road
Pretoria West

after submission, the next thing to do is to wait for your application status. You can also use the ITS Portal to check your TUT application status.

Will You Pay Re-admission Fee?

In most cases, re-admission is always by prospective students whose applications were successful.

For those who paid their registration fees, there is no payment. The applicant is not supposed to pay anything again.

If there was no payment after a successful application, then you will have to make payment after re-admission is successful.


In short, you always re-apply for admission if you failed to appear for studies after a successful application.

Since most of the re-admission submissions take less time to review, it is key to keep checking for your application status so you don’t miss a second opportunity to study at TUT.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment below.

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