Top 10 Best Smartphone Accessories You Must Have

Getting a smartphone is not a big deal but getting the best smartphone accessories to go with your phone is a very huge deal.

In here, I have compiled the list of 10 of the best accessories for your smartphone this year.

1. 3.5mm In-Ear Stereo Earbuds Earphone

We are now in 21st Century where you can’t go about playing loud music with your phone in town. So the best accessory you should get first for your smartphone is a quality earpiece.

These in-ear stereo earbuds are one of a kind. Unlike the usual earpiece you buy, this one gives you high quality sounds. The price is USD $1.23/piece at the moment.

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2. Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone in Ear Sport with Mic Handsfree 

Probably you would like to go wireless. Don’t just go wireless instead, go wireless with class. This is a mini invisible Bluetooth earbud which will fit nicely into your ear as if there is nothing there.

It features a high quality mic for making and receiving calls. Can be connected to any smartphone with Bluetooth. The price at the moment is USD $1.50/piece

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3. Wireless Bluetooth Colorful Light Small Crack Sound Speaker

If you are like me, you probably will need something that will sound a bit louder for outdoor listening. What about a portable Bluetooth speaker with class?

This mini Bluetooth speaker aside playing high quality sounds can also brighten up its surroundings at night. Comes in different colours to suit your style. Priced at. USD $3.32/piece

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4. Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick With Remote for iPhone/Android

These days, everybody is busy doing something so nobody will be interested in holding your phone to take that awesome full-body shot that you want.

How about you being in the camera and behind the shots at the same time? Oh yeah!!… With this awesome selfie stick with it’s remote, you can fix it as a tripod, stand in front of the camera and use it’s remote to take yourself a full-body shot beautifully without needing a second person.

It is a Bluetooth capture device so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The price at the time of this article was USD $4.73/piece.

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5. Sport Armband Running Bag Case

For the sports men and women out there, here is a nice armband that will help you carry your phone and few accessories along while on the run.

The days of leaving your phone and keys in your pocket during sports are over. This time around, you can keep both and even keep the music playing while running. The price at the moment is USD $3.29/piece and it comes in all different colours.

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6. JKING Portable Desk Cell Phone Holder 

Don’t leave your phone laying around just like that, give your phone some respect by giving it a sitting place. This phone stand does not only help you stop scratching the back of the phone, it also helps you position the phone well to keep the streaming going while still working. You don’t have to hold your phone in your palm for the 10 to 30 minutes of the stream.

The price at the time of this article was US $0.01/ piece very cheap for such a helpful product and it comes in different colours.

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7. GUUGEI Magnetic Car Phone Holder For Smartphones

This is an awesome magnetic car phone holder for smartphones. It holds your phone in position to your air vent. Gives you full 360 degree viewing angle rotation. The magnetic force does not distort your network signal so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

At the moment the item goes for as cheap as US $0.72/ piece.

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8. USB C Aluminum Dust Plug Set

I have witnessed few times where dust rendered people’s phones useless. Yeah!. You can wipe some here and there with a clean towel but you have to agree with me that the towel can’t wipe every hole on your phone.

Get this anti-dust set and save your smartphone from dust. This has the USB type C anti-dust plug and audio jack anti-dust plug. The price at the moment is US $1.39/ piece.

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9. Marjay Magnetic Micro USB Cable

This is one of the best smartphone accessories you need. This charging cable is one of a kind. The head is detachable so it makes it difficult to get breakages in your cable. It comes with 3 heads so no matter the type of phone, you get your type.

The price at the moment is US $1.15/ piece very cheap for such an awesome product. It also comes in different colours for your fashion taste.

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10. LAUMOX M1 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone With Heart Rate Monitor

I intentionally kept this gadget for the last line. This is product that people are rushing these days. It is a smartwatch, heart rate monitor and comes with a pair of wireless earbuds.

Buying earbuds is now common in every society so try and get yours in a grand style. Very exceptional. Current price is US $61.41/ piece

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These are the top 10 best smartphone accessories you should get this year. It basically compiled based on what people are buying most this year so grab one for yourself.

If you have any suggestion or question, you can leave a comment below.