How To Get Free Data Bundle On MTN Ghana Network

How To Get Free Data Bundle On MTN Ghana Network


Most people ask me about how to get free data bundle on MTN almost on daily basis. While this article will be seen as a form of trick which has been tested and working overtime, it is only meant to educate MTN Ghana customers about how they can manipulate some products and services in their favour.

As there is nothing like free meal, there are still ways to get free meals if you know how to pull the right plugs. In this article, I will be giving you some few tricks I use sometimes to get some free data.

You won’t get much data bundle by doing this but at least you can get something to check your mail. Without wasting much of your time, lets delve in.

Get 50MB Of Free Data Bundle On MTN Ghana Everyday

There is a simple service on MTN known as Free After 1 or Nkomode. The service allows you to pay 30 pessewas for the first 1 minute of the call and the rest of the call will be free. The call will drop after 5 minutes when you are calling an off-net number and drop after 1 hour if your call was with an On-net number.

You are wondering how you can get free data bundle with this, right?

Actually when you make your first call on this service for the day, you get free 50MB data bundle that you can use to browse all websites. So with this in mind, you can easily get 50MB on daily basis. You can subscribe to this service by dialing *315#


Install MTN App Or Ayoba

Downloading and installing the MyMTN App automatically credits your data account with 50MB of data. This won’t be much but you can use it for some few things before it gets finished.

You also get the same amount of data bundle when you install the Ayoba messaging app.

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Apart from installing apps, there are other ways I also get some data bundle. This might not be very effective but it gives much data bundle if it works.

When you don’t buy data bundle or browser with your sim card for between 1 to 3 months, MTN automatically sends you 500MB to 900MB Free Data bundle.

I can’t really tell how this works but I have received this data bundle more than I can count. The only thing I remember doing is to avoid buying data for at least a month and as soon as I check my account, I always see not less than 500MB.

This particular trick is not guaranteed to work so it could work for someone but won’t work for others.

If you have any question or suggestion, kindly leave a comment below.