How To Get Free Credit Every Day

Basically, there is nothing like free credit anywhere however, I have a simple way of giving you free credit for any network.

It is a very simple adventure where there are hidden credit scratch card numbers everywhere on this website and you will have to find them by simply sharing a post.

How It Works

The digits of a scratch card will be split into 3 parts and 2 parts will be spread on this website. It is up to you to browse the pages and find them.

For the last numbers of the card, join our WhatsApp group with this link and PM the admin for it or Simply go to our Facebook page with this link and PM us for it.

Take Note Very important: There are 14 digits on each scratch card, 10 will be on this blog and you will have to PM using the procedure above for the last 4.
This is how the digits will be placed. Network Name#NumberCredit code.

Example: MTN – #1 – 12345

#Number shows you which digits you must type first when loading

Wherever you see this card, it means you are just a share away from getting your first scratch card digits. You only have to click on the Facebook share icon to share the post and get your digits.

Note: Some of the share cards might not contain the credit card codes under them, don’t give up… Just search for more.

The amount of airtime at stake here is between 2Ghc to 10GHc and there will be 3 different cards out there every week. If you are able to find all the three, you might be getting 6Ghc to 30Ghc airtime for free.

If you successfully loaded an airtime, kindly click on this link to comment on Facebook or comment below this post.

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