MTN Magic number

How To Activate/Deactivate MTN Magic Number


What is MTN Magic number? The MTN Magic number is a simple service that allows new subscribers to make calls with a selected MTN number for six months. It is as simple as that however, it comes with lots of instructions in order to get it right.

How To Activate MTN Magic Number.

Before you start the process, you must make sure your number is not older than six months else it will not work.

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You must also select an MTN number you call more often in order to activate the service. What will happy after activation is that you will be able to call that selected number everyday until six months without airtime.

  • The process starts by dialing: “*550#“.
  • After dialing the code, select option 7 “Magic number”.
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  • Select option 1 to enter the number you would like to use as your magic number.
  • Now, enter the MTN number you would like to use as your magic number and confirm.

That is it. You have activated the service and you can now call the chosen number for free for six months.

What you should also know about this service is that each customer can only activate this service once and that is it. The service can not be deactivated and the number used can not be seen or changed.

Since the number can not be changed, you must be very careful when selecting the number to activate the service for.

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